Let’s talk about cloth. Not about everything, just enough to choose a suit wisely. You may want look at an earlier post which will have a few useful links.

Choosing cloth for a made to measure suit or Savile Row bespoke suit shouldn’t be complicated. Yes, it should be thorough but also very enjoyable as this is one of the highlights of having something made for you. Some of you will know that discussing cloth, it’s make and what differentiates each material and quality is an enormous subject. The reality is that most people come to us for advice on how to get beautifully tailored garments that not only fits but is also fit for purpose. Agreed, we want to add style and elegance into the mix, but that’s a different part of the story.

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As usual I’ve included one of my highly professional videos to aid with my explanation ;). I’m afraid I don’t sound too good as just as the weather starts to warm up, I get a cold..c’est la vie. What I try to do is imagine you’ve just walked into our shop. I want to discuss basic suiting, good points and bad. Bad is actually too strong a word as characteristic is probably better. Every cloth in relation to another has benefits and disadvantages, which is my point. I’m giving you my experience as a tailor who tailors garments, not as a cloth salesman.

I concentrate on how the cloths tailor and how our clients enjoy wearing them. I guess what I’m trying to demonstrate is the old saying of the “proof is in the pudding”. If that saying is unclear to anyone, read here.

I’ve tried to be brief in the video but as usual I went on a bit too long, so please accept my apologies. I hope it’s useful and any sensible questions then do send them my way.

My very best, Tom.

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