Welcome to Cutting Answers. My name is Tom Mahon and I’m head cutter and creative director at Redmayne 1860 and also the writer of this blog. As the name suggests I try to write in a clear, uncompromising way just as I have always done.

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(The day job)

My connection at Redmayne is very special as it’s the very company that launched my career in Savile Row tailoring over three decades ago. A family firm which has always been close to me throughout my career. After college and my apprenticeship at Redmayne, I honed my skills as senior cutter for Savile Row’s Anderson and Sheppard. At Anderson’s, I was chosen to cut for the great and good including HRH the Prince of Wales. In 2004 I started to pen the world’s first tailoring blog, englishcut.com and went on to found and run my own Savile Row tailoring company of the same name for over 15 years. Just like Redmayne, my personal career and reputation has been built on trust and honesty. I don’t promise to be the best tailor in the world but I do promise to try.

What I Do

Now this is rather obvious. Yes, I design and cut bespoke Savile Row suits but there’s a few more edges to my blades. Bespoke is a singular process overseen by me, your Cutter. This involves one train of thought: to please my clients and the make clothes that are unique to our house style.

Perform this exercise at the highest level for 30 years or so and you gain experience and knowledge. Tailoring knowledge mixed with experience that I hope can be beneficial and passed on to others.

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(Pay attention young man.)

Through Redmayne we don’t only offer bespoke, we also offer our own made to measure tailoring that is designed by me personally. This is very rare in the trade that a Savile Row tailor actually designs the patterns and style of cut, whilst always overseeing the construction and make of made to measure suits. What is more the norm is that a supplier literally supplies what is on offer from a manufacturer, normally shared with many tailoring retailers. Because of our unique position, we offer the same true heritage with our made to measure as our exclusive bespoke range. It’s pretty obvious that Savile Row tailoring is our strength but I also enjoy working with other artisans to offer the finest in accessories that complement our bespoke and made to measure tailoring.

So I create bespoke and made to measure suits but I have also been known to write a little. My technical knowledge of how design, cut and fit of a garment can be improved is second nature to me. Include this with knowledge of how fabric performs, the construction of garments then these skills can be applied in many spheres of clothing. That’s why I’ve been engaged to work with companies offering classic tailoring to designer sportswear. In the past I’ve enjoyed the experience of working with a company improving the quality of children’s school uniforms, which was particularly rewarding .

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(Mahon and Sons.)

Now they say “those who can, do, those who can’t teach”. Very fair point, Mr Shaw but what if you enjoy both?  Well, I do and have done so on many occasions. I pioneered writing my Savile Row tailoring blog way back in late 2004 and I had one aim, well maybe two. One was to teach and open up the mystery of Savile Row tailoring and yes, some cynics may say to sell a few suits on the way. Well I agree, but wasn’t it nice to help people make informed decisions on fact rather than expensive branding? No body ever gave me a free suit to pass comment on nor have I ever asked for one. The internet is littered with my former videos and posts teaching about the facets of Savile Row tailoring. I’ve taught cutting masterclasses at the British Fashion Council, lectured at various Universities and also given students valuable experience here in our own workshop. If you think I could help you or your organisation then just ask.

And finally, I like to sail when I can and I teach at my local Sea Cadet unit. I enjoy putting electronic pen to paper from time to time. Today you have a raft of blogs that are followed about bespoke and made to measure tailoring. Although successful they may be, I’m afraid I wont be writing like them here. You wont be invited to a 5 page discussion on how a pocket square can be folded or someone’s opinion as to why they have the best tailor in the world. Clothing matters but I’m at the sharp end here and I do this for a living. I’m sorry but I’m not interested in tailoring flim-flam. At cuttinganswers.com you’ll get the facts and you can do with them as you will. I apologise in advance but I don’t have the time for long discussions. If you do have a question then just ask and I’ll try to answer as clearly as possible. If you don’t like what I write, please don’t bother telling me as I’m not here to debate. I will do my best to give honest information which you can either take or leave. If you want to discuss any of my writing then feel free to do so on one of the other tailoring forums.

(Where does that line go?)

So there you have it. I thank you for visiting and hope you find something informative and useful with a good dose of humour along the way.

Thanks for dropping by.

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