OK, not much to show you here except a classic Shetland Tweed sports coat being cut. This would normally be a bit unusual for a Savile Row bespoke order, but in these strange times, it’s just the way it is.

It’s unusual, in that this order is for an existing client that’s being cut, made, and shipped without meeting him for a fitting. This sports coat is destined for Trondheim in Norway and obviously, travel is a little impeded at the moment. However, as we have a pattern and we know our client well, we’re confident we can make a lovely addition to his wardrobe and any fine-tuning can be done at a later date. 

(Shetland tweed, perfect in every way)

Feel free to follow this client’s fine example, as many tailors are really finding it difficult at the moment.

I hope this video isn’t too long-winded for you as you can see I needed a drink after all that hard work. I just thought some readers would appreciate having a little explanation about the parts of a coat and how it all goes together. It’s nice how it has patch pockets and you can clearly see the Redmayne house cut, without side bodies. Of course, the magic part is seeing how it all comes together in the end, which I’ll show you when completed in a few weeks.

Try to enjoy :0 and see you soon.

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