In my work at Redmayne we are always trying to improve things. This involves looking at every part of the business, including how Redmayne cares for its clients and also how well, we make our clothes. Regular readers will know that I’m the bespoke cutter for Redmayne 1860. However, we also supply very nice, in fact I’d say the best made to measure tailoring available. This service can be ordered by visiting Redmayne or by using their amazing suit copying service, obviously very appropriate for these strange times. We’re always looking at our made to measure garments and seeing how we can improve them. We constantly push the quality of our made to measure to emulate our Savile Row bespoke tailoring. Basically, this R&D involves trying and sampling different methods of make and construction, some ideas work and others don’t. A consequence of this is we have various suits produced as examples. We make them to a pretty standard size and we test them, wear them a little and see if we can raise the bar a little further. I explain a little more in the video below and please forgive my lack of prowess in front of the camera.

The outcome of this is that we end up with a selection of suits, that we’d like to go to a good home, rather than hang in our workshop. We often donate them to charity but in all fairness to the charity shops, we don’t feel they get true recognition of their quality and perhaps they’re not always appreciated. So Redmayne has asked me to help find them a good home. I’ll run one a month, over a few months and all you need to do is drop us a note, but please consider the following. We could sell these but we’d rather they went to you or somebody you know, who’s possible had a difficult time lately. I think this would make a great suit for a young persons job interview and perhaps it may just give you or someone the edge and confidence to land that dream job. When you are flushed with success in a year or two, you can show your gratitude by ordering a new one from Redmayne.

Unnamed 3
(you could do a lot worse)

This first one is a classic navy worsted flannel chalk stripe, perfect 12 oz weight woven by Alfred Brown of Yorkshire, England. It’s a classic three piece with high back brace trousers. As with all our made to measure its fully canvassed and this one is also has hand finished edges and hand working cuff buttonholes. It’s size is about a 41′ regular with a 30′ inside leg and about a 36″ trouser waist. To help, I’m about 5,11′ but whoever is the fortunate recipient, you’ll probably want to slim the waist a little, in both the coat and trousers. An important part of my life in the field of tailoring is sampling English beer, so the middle section may be slightly generous. A tuff job but somebody’s got to do it. All joking aside, It’s a lovely classic suit and it’s had very little use.

Unnamed 4
(subtle navy chalk-stripe)

I know I don’t need to state the obvious, but please….be honest. We will give this suit freely and all we hope is that it brings someone a smile and a little good fortune. If you’re a suit aficionado with a full wardrobe then this is not for you. If you’re local to us you can drop in and collect or we’ll ship to you. If you’re outside of the UK then we’ll charge you a modest fee for postage.
So there you have suits. We don’t need to know your life story just a few lines about why it would be useful for you. If not for you then share this with someone you know and give a little lift to start 2021..heaven knows, I think there’ll be a few who need it.

Unnamed 5 1
(The suit in question. Author with a good friend, San Francisco)

Merry Christmas and much happiness and success for 2021. 

10 comments on “Free suits….it must be Christmas.”

  1. What a fabulous gesture and a perfect one, particularly when so many have lost jobs in these challenging times. I hope the successful recipient realises how lucky they are to own such an item.

  2. Well done Tom. What a lovely gesture.
    I proudly wear my made to measure, that you kindly fitted me for a few years back. Such a lovely suit.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  3. Hello sir and thank you for the opportunity. I would like to win the suit for my dad who has given me his for my graduation. I have now found a job and would like to one day get him a proper suit to replace the one he gave me and this one would probably top all the suits I could afford in terms of quality. He is 5’10 and enjoys beer probably as much as you do. He would definitely enjoy the suit as much as the one he gave me. My parents are immigrants from Asia and have settled in the heart of Europe in hope for a better future and I can say that they accomplished that for me. Even though he is not a fashion enthusiast, my father has always enjoyed to put a suit on and would definitely enjoy this one. Thank you! Best regards, David.

  4. Dear Tom, just heard you on bbc radio cumbria. I live in germany, but originally from morecambe. I would like my brother, Konrad, who works at ASDA Lancaster to win a suit from you. He has worked very hard during the pandemic, as you can imagine.
    He is quite tall and pretty slim. If he won I would have to give you his size.
    Many thanks and wishing you a happy, healthy new year.
    Kind regards
    Tania Trenkle-Feix

  5. Just listened to your item on BBC Radio Cumbria – a very interesting listen (as opposed to read).
    Your ‘free suit’ idea is brilliant, and very generous. Many thanks Thomas! Have signed up to cutting as I am fascinated by the art & skill of tailoring. (Sewing/fashion/textiles are my main hobby interests anyway). Regards, Belinda. (Carlisle, Cumbria)

  6. What wonderful kindness! Unfortunately I was made redundant at the beginning of the pandemic and would welcome a new suit to inject some confidence into my job search.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I might be a bit late to the party but I would love the suit(if it hasn’t been given away). My favorite suit is the main to measure suit I got from you in New York City when you were still with English cut. In fact it’s the only one I wear so a second suit would be nice. I have been pining after one of your suits since that day in 2015. Your MTM suits fit like a glove. One day I hope to land a better job so I can get a properly fitted bespoke suit. Please give me to me!

  8. The measurements will be perfect for me 5 11 and 41 inch chest with 36 waist. Just been made redundant and looking for new avenues, so this smart suit would really do the trick

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