How kind of Expat to leave the below comment. I’m sure most of you’ve heard about this style, but what is it and how did it come about? As usual, people will give many answers but for what it’s worth here’s my take on the style.

Expat Expat “Why is the top button hole visible on the lapel? Is that a feature of a specific style? To my inexperienced eye it looks like a tailoring mistake – please enlighten me.”

A classic Savile Row suit, made in a certain way has a special look and interesting characteristics. At first glance many will think this is a tailoring blunder but look a little deeper and it all starts to make sense. A coat, cut and hand made in the 3 roll to two style is pretty common these days but I hope my explanation helps you understand how it came about. Like a lot of things in life, some things profess to be the real deal, they may look it at first glance but you can’t just take one part of the puzzle and try to pass it off as an original.

I don’t get to make these videos too often as I literally wait to be inspired by clients or readers’ questions. Again, I apologise in advance for the video quality, but video making is not our business. Suits on the other hand…well, I guess you get the idea. As usual, I ramble on more than I should but I promise I have sincere intentions at heart. I hope you don’t fall asleep like Nigel!

Thanks for dropping by and do keep in touch. Best, Tom.

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