Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying life and you’re busy. I’m sorry that I haven’t written in a while but as the lock down has eased on Savile Row, the clients have just kept coming.

(Drop in…you may learn something)

Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovely summer and you’re enjoying relative freedom. When I went into the workshop the other day I noticed a bespoke coat which had its collar basted into position. Now, I do have to say that this probably doesn’t sound that exciting. However, as far as quality hand tailoring goes, there are three fundamentals which are the hardest to get right and always the last to be perfected by an apprentice Savile Row coat maker. 

Collar, shoulders and sleeves. This is the area that absorbs most of the time and requires the most skill when you’re learning. Put simply you can make beautiful foreparts, put in perfectly matching packets, but a tight collar…that’s the job ruined. It won’t fit right, feel right and it causes no end of problems. For the less experienced, these problems often look like they’re from another area of the coat. So an inexperienced cutter can end up barking up the proverbial “wrong tree”.

I can’t go into detail on this but I thought this little snip from the workshop the other day may be interesting for you.
Again, apologise for the sound and quality of the filming. We don’t rehearse any of these or any lines. it’s just a Savile Row Cutter working with his Coat Maker…as simple as that.
Take care and talk soon.

Best, Tom.

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