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(After a a great USA trip, possibly wearing your next suit in my favourite little bar, Boston, MA)

Well, here you go…Redmayne is giving away a few nice suits again. OK, they’re not Savile Row bespoke suits but for made to measure suits, they ain’t too shabby. You’ll know from my earlier post how you can get your hands on one of these.

They’re all hand-finished in the classic Savile Row style and they’ll always be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. They’re all English tweeds and worsted cloths from I believe, Abraham Moon, W Bill, and Dugdale. My short video will fill you in on how to get one of these and I’d like to wish you the best of British luck. Here’s hoping these will bring someone a bit of joy

Thanks for dropping by and next time, heaven forbid…..I’ll actually talk about suits that you have to pay for…..whatever next 😉

Best, Tom.

12 comments on “Free friends for good homes….”

  1. Would love on e of these. Not sure of the fit but hey Ho 🤣. I’m saving for the end of lockdown to come and get a few MTM suits and a coat as I’ve lost 4.3 stone and my size 46 OTP’s look like I’m wearing my dads suits now that I’m “slim” (seems strange even typing that) 🤣🤣🤣.

  2. My husband and I feel sadden by the decline of suit wearing to social and formal events, by a large number of people now. Even the tie is given a backseat by some. We love cruising and the having the experience of dressing of posh dress every night. Good luck everyone. Long live the gents suit, 👍🏻 For the smart dressers.

  3. I threw my hat into the ring for the very fine Christmas suit, so will make a speculative chance on one of these fine suits. Really enjoy the blogs here and at the English cut. I have a followed your progress since A&S and look forward to the day when I can afford to have one of your suits made for me.

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