Savile row bespoke tailoring and made to measure tailoring is something that Redmayne has specialised in for a very long time. That said, the other string to our bow is that we’ve offered a suit copying service since 1933. This service has proved to be extremely popular over the decades and contributed to a large part in the success of the Redmayne business. 

(What’s our difference?)

Who would have ever predicted that this unique and conveniently skilled service would be so useful and relevant today. I understand there’s a few other businesses who’ve tried to emulate our service but it’s not just a matter of duplicating a garment and making a replica. At Redmayne, it is every bit as personal as if you were standing in our own fitting rooms. We use a sample garment as a tool to make you a superior and better fitting garment. Because of our heritage and experience we know how to improve the fit and style of a sample garment. So we’ll never just duplicate a style or fit detail that we feel may compromise your Redmayne suit.

Before we collect a suit from you we ask you to fill in a profile form and add various pictures of you in the sample garment. Then we can make suggestions and recommendations on the fit and the style and make sure that you understand our recommendation clearly and it is only then that we start to produce your order. Ultimately, the result is a 100% Redmayne garment in fit, quality and style. Of course, like the clients who we meet personally, the service doesn’t end when a suit is delivered. We ask for feedback and pictures of your new garments and if possible we’ll fine tune the details further if necessary. It really is a wonderful combination and utilisation of old school craftsmanship and modern technology. Basically from getting in touch you can experience the Redmayne service and look forward to a beautiful new Redmayne suit in 6-8 weeks, no matter where you are in the world

(Little details)

The reason I point this service out is that obviously, it may be worth considering. either because of the current situation or because of your geographic location. Everyone should have the opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe with tailoring from Redmayne. With this in mind we recently copied two suits for a gentleman in the USA. Before we shipped his order I thought you may be interested to see how his Redmayne suits compared to his sample suit which we used for the service. This gentleman is a new client to Redmayne and when we made the video we were of course unsure if he would be pleased as he’d not received them. Alas, the God of tailoring and and 160 years or so of bespoke tailoring heritage prevailed and I’m delighted to report that the recipient was delighted also. He kindly left a very kind review on Google a little extract of which is below.

Tom and Claire Mahon are a pleasure to work with. I discovered their suit copying business through Google, after having purchased high-end men’s suits for years at department stores. They produce garments of exceptional quality at very reasonable prices. I am most pleased with the fit of the two suits that I just received from them. Their attentiveness and responsiveness throughout the commissioning process was most appreciated. I intend to be a repeat customer.

I hope you enjoy and are enlightened. Thank you for dropping by.

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Tom has been involved at the highest level in the tailoring industry for over 37 years. He has also been blogging and furthering knowledge of the craft for over 15 years. He is married to Claire and has three children.

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